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Meet Candid

My name is Caleb Hunter (aka Candid) and I am a Georgia based photographer that specializes in Portrait, Event, and Street Photographer with 10+ years of photography. I was originally born in North Carolina but the military allowed me to travel across the United States and many other countries. Finding unique perspectives and capturing each clients unique beauty are amongst my top priorities. My hobbies include: reading, fitness, exploring, and anything else that gets me up and ACTIVE.

Invest in Yourself


Sean & Shelby

“Shelby wanted to get some pictures taken. I’m not very photogenic, I always overthink it. I’ve also never had professional pictures taken and was a little anxious about it. Caleb made it so natural and easy. He was able to get me comfortable and distracted and then *bam* he’d snag a picture. I didn’t even realize he was doing it until the end when he showed us all the shots he got of us. It was like magic!”

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